Sunday, August 15, 2010

New drawings

After drawing this Whooper Swan with pencil I scanned it then transferred it to a grey background. This enabled me to obtain a similar same stand-out effect as the day I saw it against a dark Swedish forest in snowy conditions (without extra mundane and uninteresting sketching!) I opted for a lighter grey (dark cold blue in reality) so as not to overpower the ghostly image of the bird in flight.

This Tawny Owl drawing is based on a photograph of one of the breeding adults in Kensington Gardens in central London.


Warren Baker said...

You have a great talent there Fraser. I'm well impressed.

Unknown said...

Hey, can I use your owl drawing in a site that I am developing. I will include a reference to your blog ofc :)

Fraser Simpson said...

No, these drawing are not for use. In some cases, use may be granted following payment.