Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Costa de la Luz

In late March I was away on another university field course trip based around Zahara de los Atunes on the Costa de la Luz in Cadiz province in south-west Spain. Much of the time was spent around Zahara, Barbate and the Valle de Ojén in the Parque Natural de Los Alcornocales.  The Levante was particularly strong this time, at times even gale force. My three highlights (of the many) were Little Swift, Black-winged Kite and Marsh Sandpiper... and of course, the northward migration across the Straits from the African Continent.

A full trip list with sound recordings and photographs can be found on the main site here:


Fraser Simpson said...

This new version of blogger is crap... they need to sort out the image display problem.

Readers, please click images for a more 'acceptable' quality.

Millhouse Photography said...

Hi Fraser

The waves crashing against the shore is a magnificent image. Do you know; I too have noticed a difference when posting images. I've not been happy with the look of them at all and I've wondered why. So, it's the new blogger eh?

Fraser Simpson said...

Thanks Christian.

I've re-posted the images, this time choosing the 'Large' option below each - seems to have helped.