Thursday, September 27, 2012

Key West Chickens

Last weekend we had a day off from fieldwork so headed down to Key West for the day. We didn't go to see chickens (or any other birds - but did add Purple Martin to the trip list) but you can't help noticing some of the estimated 2-3000 feral, free-roaming cocks and hens. They are a bit like Ring-necked Parakeets in London (though marginally less noisy) - nobody knows for sure how they originated on the island. Or maybe like Feral Pigeons (though more aesthetically pleasing) - cleaning up the streets for free and occasionally making less healthy choices, such investigating cigarettes. Below we see François trying to look cool with a rooster, another chicken waiting to cross the road, François with a chick, and another posing outside the Monroe County Court House. We ate fish.

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