Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Common Crane at Kilmarnock, Ayrshire

Kilmarnock, in southwest Scotland, is not exactly known for turning up rare birds. But, following on just a week after the Hoopoe, a Common Crane turned up on Sunday on the south-eastern edge of my home town. Living in London meant I was a little displeased as this must be the best bird since the Rose-coloured Starling in 2002. Not to worry, I guess there will be another purple patch in 2010!

Thanks to Angus Hogg, the County Recorder, for sending some nice shots and the following information...

This Crane is the 4th Ayrshire record, the last being at Drongan in 1989. This particular bird may well have been near Kirkmichael about a fortnight ago, since "a large swan-sized bird" was reported flying down the Girvan valley then, and this report was followed about two days later by a sighting of Common Crane flying over Wood of Cree. The other Ayrshire records are 1 at Yonderton, Dalrymple from 4 Oct-12 Nov 1977, and 1 at Dalrympleston Marsh, Trabboch from 15-25 Oct 1987.

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