Saturday, September 09, 2006

Save the Albatross

The Save the Albatross campaign has had a lot of publicity this year and now the RSPB is extending this to The Tube under the Once extinct, you can only imagine campaign through posters and bluecasting tv commercials. I snapped this poster below on the Underground with the my mobile and is based on the question to school children of what they thought an albatross was… a bit like asking Londoners if they know what a decent service on the underground is… both of which could soon be rare and possibly extinct.

Most of the albatross species on the planet are at risk from longline fishing. You can sign the petition and find out more at:

Visit the RSPB/BirdLife Save the Albatross web site at

And here is another poster I grabbed with my mobile and doctored in photo editing software in response to my travelling experiences over the past few days on London Underground.

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