Monday, November 13, 2006

Kensington YL Gull

Went back to Kensington Gardens on Saturday to try for more shots of the Yellow-legged Gull. General opinion is that it shows many features of the atlantis race from the Azores. All of the favoured posts on the Longwater were occupied by Cormorants for much of the time I was there and although the gull frequently flew in from The Serpentine, with nowhere to land it circled back and away again. Not many birds would argue with a Cormorant (except perhaps a Pelican) and there were frequent aggressive interchanges on the posts as dominant birds shoved others off. Nothing really to add to previous pictures except one showing how dark the streaking on the head can look at certain angles. Almost looks as dark as the recent bird in Ireland. Anyway, I’d rather be watching a Murrelet!

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