Sunday, April 01, 2007

Kensington Gardens

Eventually saw the Med Gull on the Round Pond, though it rarely settled on the water. One half of the Tawny Owl family was in a leafing Horse Chestnut, relatively secluded from mobbing hecklers. An unusual looking bird foraging in a familiar fashion turned out to be striking looking Blackbird exhibiting partial albinism. In the afternoon I headed to Barnes. Again very busy, with an apparent birthday party charging around, staff in tow. I thought it was just me but I heard other visitors complaining. Best was an early Reed Warbler, giving some half-hearted song phrases.


Anonymous said...

Lovely shots as always Fraser, great composition.

The best photos I've seen the Kensington Gardens Mediterranean Gull, also pretty timely given its likely imminent departure.

The eyecatching male Blackbird has been around since at least November 2005.

Des McKenzie.

Unknown said...

how cute those owls!