Thursday, August 23, 2007

Peru days 7-8: Tarapoto

Here are some photographs from the garden and rented house we are living in. I added a new species to my Peru list without leaving the garden this morning – a pair of Turquoise Tanangers! Also noted were Great Kiskadee, Palm Tanager, Yellow-rumped Cacique, Eared Dove, Silver-beaked Tanager, Smooth-billed Ani, several Phaethornis hummingbirds, a Motmot singing nearby and the usual dozens of Black and Turkey Vultures soaring overhead. The small garden could easily have a butterfly species list of more than 100.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Fraser, I am Moises Abanto from Tarapoto, I was work with Mathieu Joron since 2000, now I am living in Gamboa-Panama, this is the perfect plays for waching the birds, if you want to cam, you are welcome, my email it is: