Friday, October 19, 2007

Kowa TSN-883 Prominar Scope

I've upgraded my field 'scope after nine years using the Kowa 821 (and still working just fine). Now with the Kowa 883 I need a pair of shades before looking into the eyepiece!! The image is incredible - superb clarity and sharpness thanks to the fluorite crystal glass. Testing it out at lunchtime yesterday in Regent's Park - exciting opportunities there, I know - I tried hand holding my compact camera (Canon Powershot A640) to get an idea of what this combination can do should the need arise. Best examples below...


Digiscoper62 said...

That new KOWA look fantastic, excellent Digiscoping. ...cheers ...Robert

Fraser Simpson said...

Thanks Robert,
I loved your Whooper photo from the Garnock with your new Kowa!

willem hartholt said...

Hello Fraser,

Great pictures.
After having ordered for a Kowa 883 this afternoon, I am very pleased (in fact I am dead-curious to start with it) to find your blog giving information and some first pictures on digiscoping with it. For that is exactly what I´m going to do with it. Until now I have used Kowa 823, but when looking through this one in a comparison/test it appeared to me to be much, much brighter, in fact brighter than any scope I could compare it with. So I ordered one and I hope it will give me some faster shutter speads,and so better digiscoping. Did you experience real improvement in this field? And second question. How is vignetting on Canon A640 with this scope? Your photo's look great to me already.
By the way, are you using the 30 wide eyepiece or the zoom eyepiece? If this all works the G9 from Canon may also combine well with this one.

So now I hope you soon will write some more about (or show some more of)your first experiences in digiscoping with this 883.

with kind regards,
Willem Hartholt
Groningen, the Netherlands
mail:, site:
Kowa 823, Canon S80, home-made adapter with manual shutter release

Fraser Simpson said...

Hi Willem

You have some great images on your website. I'm not really a digiscoper but I suggest you contact Mike Weedon who is using the Canon A640:
Yes, vignetting is eliminated at certain points in the zoom of this camera with the 30x eyepiece.
Best of luck,