Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Kilmarnock's council problem is easing say gulls

Some councilors in East Ayrshire Council have being trying to get to grips with the gull problem. See here : http://tiny.cc/B5N7y The local paper refers to them as 'seagulls' but of course Kilmarnock is not actually by the sea. One local leader says "Problems such as aggressive gulls attacking elderly householders and corteges at funerals in Kilmarnock cemetery have been addressed during this season". The first comment can probably be attributed to a vivid imagination but I wonder if he has addressed the problem of EAC vandalising numerous headstones in the cemetery by intentionally knocking them over in the name of H&S? His knowledge of Kilmarnock gulls continues with "Our approach will continue through the winter months as a deterrent to large flocks of seagulls coming into Kilmarnock to roost over winter". Gulls don't actually roost in Kilmarnock, they roost on the coast! Pre-roost stopovers did occur on Northcraig Reservoir but of course that was drained. Perhaps if the town was kept a little cleaner and the local chavs dropped less fast food around King Street then there would be less potential food source to support 'seagulls' breeding inland.

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