Sunday, January 04, 2009

Short-eared Owls

Two Short-eared Owls were hunting around Bogside racecourse this afternoon between 1530h and 1615h in some nice midwinter light. A ringtail Hen Harrier also made a brief appearance. I couldn't locate the Slavonian Grebe at Stevenston Point though at least 22 Common Scoter were present.

The pond in Kay Park pond, Kilmarnock had 94 Mallard (mostly wild birds), the male Tufted Duck, 19 Mute Swans, eight Coot and two Moorhens. There was also a, presumed feral, male Gadwall x Mallard hybrid. A brief check in Bonnyton, produced a single Waxwing in Munro Place, before it flew along the disused railway line towards the station. A Mistle Thrush guarding a rowan tree in Kilmarnock for the past two weeks at least has been aggressively seeing off not just other thrushes and berry-eating birds, but all other species including Chaffinch and Blue Tit.

Sadly today marks the end of my two week trip back home to Ayrshire - heading for the Big Smoke tonight.

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