Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Caerlaverock on the Solway Firth

In a Christmas holiday dominated by Woodcock and Jack Snipe and fruitless searches for Tree Sparrows in the snow, the main birding focused around a four day stay in the farmhouse at Caerlaverock WWT reserve in Dumfriesshire photographing and watching Icelandic Whooper Swan. On the merse we saw Hen Harrier, Merlin, Peregrine and various waders and wildfowl. Flocks of Barnacle Geese were sparse and in low numbers due to the pasture being frozen hard. Most geese were feeding way out from the observation towers. The highlights must have been the Badgers coming to feeding just inches from the window at night and the Woodock that flew in under the floodlight, settled for 10 seconds and then vanished into the night. Last year was Winter of the Waxwings. This year must surely be Winter of the Woodcocks.


Andrew said...

Great photos!

Warren Baker said...

you can send that wigeon down to my patch Fraser!

Sounds like a great place to stay.....a bit chilly by the looks of it though, more so than here!

Odysseas said...

Very nice photos!
The best for me the pic with the many many swans in thw icehole!