Saturday, February 20, 2010

Dusky Warbler - Walthamstow Reservoirs

London's first Dusky Warbler (Phylloscopus fuscatus) was found at Lockwood Reservoir last weekend by Lol Bodini. This little leaf warbler should be spending the winter in SE Asia after being being reared or having bred in C/E Siberia or N Asia. I managed to see it briefly before work on Wednesday and returned today for longer views. Still distant and hyperactive, I made some poor sound recordings. London is probably the most problematic place to make sound recordings with a plane overhead every minute of the day and numberous trains...ok, maybe not so many trains. The sonogram shows six broadband calls uttered while feeding/vertical flycatching along a bramble-strewn fenceline. It sounds softer than a typical Sylvia call and lower pitched than Wren. Robin and Blue Tit are also vocalising during the recording.

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