Friday, July 02, 2010

In the mangroves of Florida Keys

I’m in Florida on field work in the Keys. Although I’ve not had a chance to do any proper birding yet, species noted from kayaking in the mangroves or on the drive along the Overseas Highway/US-1 include Brown Pelican, Magnificent Frigatebird, Great White Heron, Reddish Egret, Tricolored Heron, Little Blue Heron, Green Heron, Yellow-crowned Night-Heron, White Ibis, Bald Eagle, Willet, Royal Tern, Least Tern, White-winged Dove, Common Ground Dove, White-crowned Pigeon, Mangrove Cuckoo, Burrowing Owl, Belted Kingfisher, Red-bellied Woodpecker, Gray Kingbird and Boat-tailed Grackle.

Below are a couple of photographs of an immature Double-crested Cormorant.


Warren Baker said...

Very nice work - if you can get it Fraser :-)

Anders said...

Sounds great! I was in Florida in March on work, but that was completely office confined. I did however note the large number of spectacular species and this was just in Melbourne. I guess if you get out in the field you can find a lot. Definitely need to return some day for a proper birding holiday.

I guess the summer months are too hot though. Late March seemed fine when I was there.

Zak said...

These are great pics, glad I came across the article. Please fell free to add to we have users that would love to see them.