Monday, February 06, 2012


I like to cycle in the snow whenever I can (a rare event in London) and a trip to Brent Reservoir yesterday found it almost frozen over. A few patches of water remained, each populated by a distinctive collection of birds. There was the Coot/Gadwall covert in the Woodfield Park corner, a game of Mute Swans on the south side of Cool Oak Bridge, and a posse of Canada Geese and more coots on the north side. Meanwhile, Moorhens were skating everywhere. Most of the interesting wildfowl had departed with just a few Gadwall, Shoveler, Wigeon and Teal remaining. Lapwing, Fieldfare and Redwing were on the move overhead while both a Green and Common Sandpiper were on the outlet behind the dam. When there is snow on the ground every bird looks even better due to the reflected light on their undersides - even Wood Pigeons!

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