Monday, February 27, 2012

Late Winter Bird Sounds on Hampstead Heath

First, a Carrion Crow calls, but I would probably define this as singing in the biological sense as this bird was part of a pair which appeared to be defending their territory from a neighbouring pair.

Next, a Chaffinch in full song; just one week ago many individuals (most likely 1st-year males) were singing plastic songs, not yet fully crystallised into full song.

Many Nuthatches were singing on the Heath but here is the typical call from a foraging bird, possibly used for contact; this and most other Nuthatches were paired and on territory.

Wrens sing all through the winter though the bird in this recording is uttering a shorter version of the typical song, lacking the terminal trill

Nearby a particularly vocal Magpie was uttering some loud, harsh calls. I initially hoped it may have been in response to a Tawny Owl but it turned out that a Grey Squirrel was very close to the nest site, currently in construction.

Next, a Great Tit sings it simple song of two sets of double notes at 6.4 and 3.8 kHz. A different bird can be heard responding in the background, exhibiting matched counter singing with the same song type at a slightly lower pitch. Another Great Tit recording then follows with a completely different song type.

Finally, another winter singer, the European Robin closes this recording with a wistful delivery of melancholic notes.

Through all of this is the constant noise pollution from distant traffic, overhead planes, and “come on clever doggy, such a good doggy, chasing the squirrels”.

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