Sunday, March 04, 2007

Early Sand Martin

I arrived back at Barn Elms WWT today to the news that the Stone Curlew had not been relocated. It rained overnight and most of today so I was hoping that it would stay put. Not a day for photography (thick, overcast skies) and after spending time looking for yesterday’s early birthday present, I sat in the WWF hide for about four hours hoping the Bittern would pass right in front! No such luck, but it remained further along in the reedbed, hidden most of the time, occasionally raising it’s head and catching perch. One lonely Sand Martin hawked over the main lake and wader scrape all afternoon – this was the migrant species I was hoping for yesterday and in fact this is my earliest record. Also noted while waiting for some stellaris action: Yellow-legged Gull (2), Great Black-backed Gull (pr), Egyptian Goose (2), displaying Great Crested Grebes, Pintail (pr) and Water Rails squealling.

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