Sunday, March 18, 2007

Walthamstow Reservoirs

The inital signs of spring in the bird world seemed to have faltered today after the sudden change in weather. Not one Sand Martin was seen over the reservoirs in the southern complex and it was quiet in general with the stiff wind blowing. Not many interesting species around so I resorted to photographing the geese; feral birds which many birders turn their nose up at. The reservoir complex holds some of the largest inland Cormorant and Grey Heron colonies in the British Isles with rookeries on four wooded islands. The nests are a little distant so not the best of subjects for photography but excellent scope views can be had of the nests. I know some birders/fisherman with dual interests who get more than a little iritated by these Pelecaniforms. Obviously not ecologists then as Cormorants are quite entitled to eat fish, being obligate piscivores. Fishing is no hobby for these birds.


Martin Belam said...

Wow! What a fantastic shot that is with the pylon in the background but the sharp focus on the bird. Brilliant.

Fraser Simpson said...

Thanks Martin!