Wednesday, October 07, 2009

American Black Vultures at Yarinacocha

Before my three day adventure last week, I grabbed these shots just before the boat was about to leave. The American Black Vultures (Coragyps atratus) at Yarinacocha are very approachable and would allow for some very interesting photographs if you have time. These birds look majestic in the air but on the ground they are not a patch on the Old World vultures. They are fairly clumsy looking and the head and the beak does not look at all fierce like the true raptors. In fact, there is some debate regarding their exact taxonomy with some authorities suggesting they are related to the storks (Ciconiidae) while others place them with the New World Vultures and other raptors (Accipitridae). Perhaps they are distinct from both groups?

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Anonymous said...

These are once again very good photos. funny you shoud say that these vultures on the ground are not similar as to what would normally be fierce looking birds. When i first layed eyes on them they reminded me slightly of a Turkey.Just big clumsy birds for the Christmas dinner. :-0 but much nicer of course! ;-)