Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Autumn back lighting

Last weekend I was up in Ayrshire and it was a complete washout - no sightings to report and no photos to post. A late lunch break in Regent's Park today allowed me to capture these backlit photographs of the Grey Herons. Even later in the afternoon would be better but the sun dips early behind the shade of the tall buildings around the park's Outer Circle.


Warren Baker said...

I tried that today fraser and got shadows!

Fraser Simpson said...

I used flash on the 1st and 3rd shots and moved to where the reflected colour on the water was at its best. For the 2nd shot I repositioned myself with the bird against the darkest area of water and exposed for the 'white rim' around the body.

I'd like to have had a more active heron, perhaps opening its beak.