Thursday, October 08, 2009

Black-crowned Night Heron in Parque el Olivar

During my last day in Lima last week I was just about to leave the park when I thought I would give it one final look around…. maybe I had missed Hooded Siskin? This turned out to be a good move as a Night Heron suddenly appeared with an appetite for the ornamental carp! Half an hour later it plung-dived into the pond, caught a fair-sized fish and then flew a short distance as it pondered its next move. All this in full view of dog walkers and joggers in this upmarket area of Lima – a world away from the poverty of the barriadas on the city’s outskirts. Considering the amount of time I’ve put in with Grey Herons in the British Isles, I’ve still haven’t managed to get ‘fish shots’ like these.


Anonymous said...

Good job you had that last look around as these are fabulous shots which you've captured! Well done! x

Dale Forbes said...

nice shots, fraser.
did you see the video i posted of them last week?


Fraser Simpson said...

Just watched it Dale.. very nice with good light too! Unfortunately, my bird was under the dreich Lima garúa.
(combining a bit of Lowland Scots and Spanish there!)