Saturday, February 03, 2007

American Robin, West Yorkshire

Thrushes from the East, thrushes from the West. After seeing some great mid-week photographs of the Black-throated Thrush on the Isle of Bute (just off my home county) and the American Robin at Bingley, West Yorkshire, I pondered which one to go for. The yankee was easily accessible with public transport from London and had been performing well but the Sibe was reluctant to leave a private and inaccessible (for decent shots at least) garden.

So West Yorkshire was decided and a 22 hour trip followed, leaving London at 2355h on Friday on the coach, short train trip from Bradford to Bingley at 0610h and arriving on site for 0650h, Saturday morning. Still dark, freezing and with clear skies, frost formed on my lens hood within 10 minutes! An early car-load arrived within the hour but most didn’t until about 10 am. Despite the fine weather, nice location and the bird still being present, it failed to cooperate today. Preferring an inaccessible garden for most of the day, it showed just twice in a large hawthorn and then just briefly on the grass, just out of view. Not surprising really. Perhaps it was being fed too well in the garden, but with around 100 people chasing it around it probably wanted a quiet day! Obviously a weekday may have produced the photographs. It's not a lot of fun sharing a location with the masses. Anyway, I was back on the bus and in London for 2200h. Back to some common fare tomorrow then.

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