Sunday, February 11, 2007

Regent's (again)

Saturday was a washout but by lunchtime Sunday the weather had improved. Enough time to nip back to Regent's Park for some heron action.

Normally I avoid photographing captive/collection/caged/whatever plastic birds. All of my pics are indeed of wild birds but I coudn't resist shooting the dabbling behaviour of the free-roaming (part of the waterfowl collection) Whooper Swans in the park. Just thought I'd let you know beforehand.


Anders said...

Again very nice pictures! Keep going out for lunch! :-)
I like the Whopper Swan images best. This one
was cool with the somber colors, the relection in the water and crisp quality.

I will put a link to your blog from our's.


Anders said...

Link done! :-)


Odysseas said...

Excellent photos! I found your site through your comment on Claudia's and Andres's Blog.