Monday, February 19, 2007

Lee Valley Bird Fair

Lisa came down to London this weekend and we took the train up to Cheshunt for the Lee Valley Birdwatching and Wildlife Fair at Fishers Green on Saturday. Of the talks, the question-and-answer session with Simon King was probably the most interesting. Had a look at the new Kowa TSN-883 'scope in the optics tent. It's very impressive but a salesman at one of the stands tried to tell me that it would go up in price over the course of the year. Eh? Most things come down in price or at least hover around the release price. Don't know if this was a ploy to encourage me to buy one now but if I do buy one eventually it will be with a well known web company who are already selling it for way cheaper than this company. Best sighting of the day was a Water Vole. A few photos below from the walk through River Lee Country Park...


Anders said...

Excellent stuff as always!
I come here to learn and to be inspired.

I have for instance learned that not doing daily updates may enhance the quality of the image selection. ;-) We post daily and it's hard to produce enough good pictures for that.

You find nice angles as well, going low with the Chaffinch and using timing to find the negative space to create a heart shape between the Swans.

The images are also very sharp with a balanced exposure. Do you use a tripod, or freehand? RAW/JPEG?, and do you do a lot of post processing in the computer?


Unknown said...

I love the swan pic! Beautiful! May I ask for one of the original size to use as my desktop? :P

Fraser Simpson said...

Hi Ningning, Let me know you screen size and I'll email you the photo. Fraser