Sunday, February 25, 2007

Broomfield Park, Enfield

Broomfield Park in North London has hosted a Mediterranean Gull for a while now and this was my third attempt to get some photos as the bird apparently comes to bread, approaching down to a few metres. There were a couple of hundred Black-headed Gulls on the four small ponds but at the weekend there is just too much disturbance from devil-dogs, remote-controlled boats, and some dodgy characters. I think I'll give up now. Besides, Black-headed Gulls can make just as good subjects. Highlight of the day was a Kingfisher in what is quite an unlikely location, considering the disturbance. Still, spending the winter here is probably worth it judging by the number of sticklebacks the bird was knocking back. It was a bit too distant for dlsr photography but digiscopers would do pretty well. Below is a highly copped shot of the bird in which I've managed to catch it turning a fish after beating it on the branch.


Anonymous said...

Superb shot of the Kingfisher Fraser!

Fraser Simpson said...

Thanks Lisa!