Sunday, February 04, 2007

Mandarin Ducks, Trent Country Park

Back to reality today. Went up to Trent Country Park in North London to photograph the Mandarin Ducks in the wooded pools. These birds are wild and easily spooked, as demonstrated by those who threw sticks at them, let their dogs attempt to maul them, and the angler who deliberately cast right in front of me, causing a group of c20 birds to evacuate their riparian cover and take to the sky!


Anonymous said...

I just keep coming back to look at these pictures, Fraser. Absolutely spectacular. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

After seeing this blog, everything else on the Internet looks very poor!!!
The Mandarin Ducks are really so unusual - never seen anything like them here in Canada. I have to keep coming here just to look at the photos. cheers.

Fraser Simpson said...

Thanks for the comments! Fraser.